About Us

About Us

Zeitnah institute is the premier organisation in our state offering modern survey and GIS courses imparting practical knowlwdge to solve real world problems. Our courses are pproved bysted Council of India, New Delhi.


  • To be recognized as an innovative and dynamic world-class professional surveying Institution
  • To provide quality, value-added and comprehensive services
  • To be the centre of excellence in surveying


  • To continuously improve the standards of professional practice and ethics
  • To promote the welfare and professional development of members
  • To expand by incorporating related disciplines into our profession
  • To continue to be relevant and of benefit to the public


  • We recognised the need to be honest and accommodate in all undertakings
  • We respect the equality of individuals on gender, cultures and beliefs and have a high sense of social responsibility
  • We seek quality in technology, standards and services.